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Closer to stylists. Closer to hair.

For years Goldwell has established and continues to reestablish itself as a front runner in the salon industry for the most innovative products. They are constantly changing and reformulating the line to meet the ever changing needs of our clients. In 2007, Trend Zoom was established to offer stylists an inspirational way to transform trends into styles that can be easily adapted for individual salons. With Goldwell color and styling products, you can be certain you are getting the latest in salon product technology.

Bumble and Bumble

Pick your potion.

Over 30 years ago Bumble and Bumble set out to develop products that could be mixed and layered to produce a broad range of effects- and stand up to the demands of photo shoots, fashion shows, and salons. Their products are about choice and attitude. Wear them as your mood shifts day to day, day to night, outfit to outfit or season to season. A versatile cut can be worn so many ways, and products are the key to change.


Advanced Technology in Make-up.

Glominerals is a dermatologist recommended make-up line utilizing only the finest pharmaceutical-grade ingredients.  It is uniquely formulated with triple-milled high-pigment minerals and an advanced antioxidant complex of vitamins A, C, E and green tea extract.  All formulas are talc-free, non-comedogenic and free of perfumes and dyes. What does this mean?  Even the most sensitive skin types are able to wear Glominerals, including those with rosacea and acne.  The best part is, Glominerals belief is that good-for-you beauty doesn't have to be basic.  Innovative eye, cheek and lip products are offered in a rich color palette of fashion-forward shades and timeless color classics designed to enhance every complexion.


Personalized skin care for clinical transformation

glo therapeutics delivers personalized and professional skincare solutions by incorporating daily regimens with targeted treatments. Utilizing innovative technology and cutting edge research, our formulas are designed with potent concentrations of active ingredients to clinically transform the skin.

  • Targeted skin solutions
  • Paraben free formulas
  • Concentrated active ingredients

glo therapeutics is designed to create change in your skin. The first step in your skin transformation is to determine your skin type and build a customized homecare regimen of core skincare products. Then, focus on any skin concerns you may be experiencing with targeted, skin solution additions.


the professional's choice in quality wax

glo is a proud distributor of Lycon Wax. Lycon uses only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils. The collection of waxes is formulated to be elastic and pliable, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm. We offer traditional hard/hot and strip waxes along with pre and post waxing products.







 Bumble and Bumble