7 Reasons Why You Should Have Pretty Short Nail Designs

Many people think that beautiful nails are long elegant nail design. Many girls think that long nails can easily design and create details and textures on the them. But in fact, short nails can still easily design and create very pretty kinds of nail designs and look as fancy as long nails. Whether your nails are short or long, you still need to take care of your nails to keep them strong and perform beauty treatments for them.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have Pretty Short Nail Designs

Each nail shape has its own advantages and beauty, long nails are luxurious, attractive, beneficial to your beauty, short nails are younger and more dynamic, but not because of that short nails not luxurious and sophisticated. There are still designs that make short nails look pretty and chic! But first, you should choose a good color gel nail for your nails. There are many types of nail gel polish colors to meet all classes of customers, you should determine your needs and purposes to choose the most suitable nail polish gel colors and create the most attractive nail designs.

Let’s Find out the Reasons to Have Short Nail Designs

Comfortable Doing Housework or Being Intimate with Relatives and Friends

Short nails are convenient in that they do not interfere with any of your work. With short nail designs, you can still sweep the house, wash dishes, cook without fear of your nails peeling or breaking. At the same time, it also limits the case of injury or injury to others. You will no longer have to worry about accidentally scratching someone in your family or your friend or even your lover.

Accessories Will Stand out More in Your Hand Without Being Overwhelming

With short nail designs, your accessories like rings and bracelets will stand out more, overall looking more balanced and harmonious. Long nails with elaborate nail designs can be overwhelming even though they are very luxurious, but for many girls, especially for those with small hands. Owning too long nails will unintentionally make their overall hands unbalanced and look too heavy. Therefore, it is not possible to highlight the beauty of the jewelry and accessories on their hands.

Easier to Clean Because Dirt Won’t Get Trapped Underneath

Long nails are easier to get dirt underneath than short nails. Even if they look clean, they can harbor bacteria invisible to the naked eye. Despite washing hands thoroughly with soap, there can still be germs lurking between the fingers and this can lead to potential infection.

Short Nails Still Have Many Beautiful Designs and Are Not Inferior to Long Nails

Nail art can be as beautiful on short nails as long nails, but that doesn’t mean short nails can’t do the trick. There are even more beautiful short nails. This is especially true for nail designs with florals, cute textures and candy colors or even short nail designs that use color gel nails for simple nail polish without any embellishments. Which is also very popular with girls nowadays. Because such nail designs do not take much time to perform, and with smooth nail designs, the girls are still very prominent and attractive because it is not picky about skin color, delicate. Besides, nails that are too long with ostentatious 3D decorations and glittery scales are easy to peel and smudge if you are not careful and choose the wrong types of polish gel.

You’ll Be Less Tempted to Bite Your Nails

Nail biting is a bad habit that harms the health and beauty of the nails. Biting your nails not only damages your nails, but it’s also unhealthy because you’ll ingest any bacteria that accumulate on and under your nails. But you’ll be less tempted to gnaw your nails if you keep them short.

Everyday Things like Texting, Typing, and Setting up Contacts Just Got Simpler

Women with long nail designs know how hard it is to try to do even the simplest of everyday tasks. Typing on the keyboard, opening the case, and even fiddling with buttons and zippers… are familiar occurrences when you have long nails. You will be surprised by how much time you will save on small things with short nail designs.

Scratches and Crumbs of Nail Polish Are Less Noticeable

Because long nails have more surface area, any nail polish scratches and scuffs are immediately more visible – which can cause you to fall out of favor on a first date. or attend an important business meeting. Short nails are also more compact when they are well cut.

Final Thought

Short nails are gradually becoming a trend in nail trends for girls because of the convenience of owning short nail designs. Through the reasons mentioned above, you can see that short nail designs not only make things easier for you, but also enhance the beauty of your hands as much as long nails.