Dip Powder Manicures – A Better Option than Gel and Acrylic

If you look at the most beautiful women like the Miss Universe and Miss World, you will find that they have beautiful, flawless nails. While acrylic paint and gel polish have been the favorite of women for many years, dip powder manicures have made a quiet headway. Today, you have the top beauties endorsing dip powder nails on various social media channels, including Pinterest and Instagram. However, is dip powder such a worthy nail manicure? This question might be on your mind. The answer is a big YES, as dip nail manicures can outlast gel polish and be as beautiful simultaneously. Let us look at dip powder manicures’ positive/negative aspects and compare them with gel and acrylic nails.

Powder Manicures - A Better Option than Gel and Acrylic

Dip Powder – The Positives

Today, dip powder manicures have become more of the rule rather than the exception. As a result, you have excellent products like Nugenesis nail dip colors available on the online market, allowing you to vent to your endless imagination.

Here are some benefits of dip powder manicures:

No UV exposure: Unlike gel polish manicures, dip powder does not require curing under the UV lamp. The dip powder topcoat application dries automatically within minutes.

Easy DIY procedure: Gel polish requires you to be ambidextrous (capable of using both hands with equal efficiency). Dip powder manicures do not require you to be so. It is easy to learn the dip powder manicure process and master the technique with a bit of practice.

Range of products available: Quality dip powder products like Nugenesis Nail Powder are available on our website. You can order your requirement at the most attractive prices.

Long-lasting: A correctly done dip manicure should comfortably last for up to three weeks. With proper maintenance, you can extend it to four weeks without any chipping or lifting.

Dip Powder – The Concerns

While dip powder has its benefits, it has its drawbacks. One should know them before using the procedure to beautify their nails.

Bulkier look: Compared to your regular gel polish manicure, dip powder can look bulkier because you have multiple layers of powder on your nails. You can reduce the thickness by tapping off the excess powder at the time of the application.

Allergic reactions: Many people are allergic to dip powder as the process involves using cyanoacrylate, a fast glue. However, it is a minor irritant.

Hygiene issues: Generally, you can experience hygiene issues in cheap salons. Here, the salon technician uses the same bottle for multiple clients to dip their fingers. If one person has a nail infection, she could spread it to others. The high-quality nail salons take care of all hygiene and sanitation issues. It is not an issue when you have the procedure at home.

Removal can be an issue: Compared to gel polish, it is more challenging to remove dip powder manicures. The process requires soaking your fingernails in acetone for extended periods. In addition, acetone can dehydrate your nails and the skin surrounding them.

Dip Powder Vs. Gel Nails

Gel nails have a better shine as you can go for a glossy finish with multiple topcoat layers. It is not the same with dip powder manicures, as you generally end up with a matte finish. Removing gel polish is comparatively easier than dip powder. However, the primary difference is that gel polish requires a lot of exposure to UV radiation. Therefore, it can be harmful to your nails and skin.

Besides, dip powder does not cause much chipping or cracking of the nails, as observed in gel polish. Hence, you have many women plumping for Nugenesis dip colors today to ramp up their style quotient.

Dip Powder Vs. Acrylic Nails

Many people vouch for acrylic paint as they last the longest of all manicures. However, acrylic paint makes the nail brittle and can lead to frequent chipping and lifting. The lifting of the nails can cause water seepage and thus, provide a breeding ground for bacteria. Dip powder does not chip or lift as frequently as acrylic polish.

Compared to acrylic paints, Nugenesis nail powder is gentle on the nails and looks classier. However, the primary disadvantage of dip powder manicures is the exposure to acetone during its removal. In addition, it can result in the nails getting dehydrated. Therefore, it becomes essential to have a considerable gap of at least a week between two successive manicures to allow the nails to heal.

Points to Remember When Using Dip Powder

One should never pick or peel off residual dip powder from the nails. Instead, it is better to file the nail surface gently and soak the nails in acetone.

Instead of dipping your nails into the bottle, you can sprinkle dip powder on the nail surface. It helps you to get a thinner coat.

One should always use high-quality dip powder products like Nugenesis powder colors. These products are available on our website at reasonable prices.


Thus, you can deduce that dip powder is a comparatively better nail manicure than gel and acrylic. No wonder that the most beautiful women in the world prefer this manure to the others.