OPI Gel: Taking the Nail Polish Game to a Whole New Level

If you’ve always wanted to get your manicure game taken to the next level, but you’re worried you may have to pass through the stress of taking off your nail gel, then you don’t have to worry about that anymore. That’s because, when buy OPI gel polish, you don’t have to pass through this labor. After all, you can have it the easier way.

With its latest array of polishes, OPI has fulfilled the promise it made to its customers about making life easier for them and making nail polishing a more enjoyable and exciting adventure.

With these new releases, they have added new features, and the most notable one is the one that can allow you to have the polished soaked off your nails in as little as seven minutes, meaning that you won’t even have to scrape them off.

Made in the USA, the OPI Gelcolor is a unique formula designed to provide top-notch performance when you want to have your glossy nail polish done. It provides you with some extra fittings and edges that a regular nail polish won’t.

Using this gel means that you don’t always need to visit the salon whenever you want to have it removed.

The removal process has been made so easy that you can do it all by yourself, at your own leisure time, and in your home.

Features of the OPI GelColor 

  • You will experience fewer chips, and your nails will enjoy more shine.
  • It is very simple to apply and works very quickly and effectively.
  • The nail shades work smoothly under a LED light in just 30 seconds.
  • The polish can last on your nails for weeks.

A couple of elements are known to make this work smoothly, and we’ll talk about these elements one after the other.

The ProHealth Technology Base Coat

This element is responsible for keeping you safe and protected. This formula was designed to help your nails fight against getting weak or getting flaky. All thanks to this element, you don’t even have to worry about these anymore.

The “GelColor” Polish

This particular one comes in as many as 60 entirely different shades. The gel color is indicated on the bottle so that you’re sure of the particular color you’re getting and going to be fixing on your nails. There are several color collections you can choose from, including a stylish, warm orange color, pastel blue, and so on.

The ProHealth Technology Top Coat 

If you’ve been wondering how you could have your manicure done without having to worry about any chips, that’s why this was introduced. Its primary function is to ensure that the polish does not go out of shine while it’s on your nails. This means that even after a long time, your bails will remain shiny and look like you just had the polishing done.

Do note, however, that regardless of the step, you would still need a nail UV light to have the polish not only dried but also ensure that it’s smoothly done and locked on your nails.

How To Remove The OPI GelColor From Your Nails

This is where it gets very interesting. Unlike the regular nail polish that would require you to scrape the gel off your nails, here, the case is very different. When you use the OPI gel nail lacquer, you can have it removed from your nails in just a few steps. Let’s take a look at these steps:

  • Have your cotton pad soaked in acetone. 
  • Have it placed on your nail. 
  • Use an aluminum foil to wrap it on your nail and wait for about 7 minutes. 
  • Now, have the foil unwrapped. 
  • Before taking the pad off, the polish may have started breaking apart, and the process becomes even more accessible.

You may have had some encounters or adventures in the past that have created ill memories in your mind about using nail polishes, but there’s no way you can go wrong when you use the OPI brand.

With the OPI gel color kit, you’re promised a much-improved service and an array of benefits that you will typically not enjoy when you use regular nail polishes.

The combination of the ProHealth Technology base coat and top coat elements is a well-thought one, and it’s probably one of the reasons the brand is becoming more trusted by its customers.

The two elements combine to ensure that you have a great experience right from when you’re applying the polish on your nails to when you want to have it removed. That’s not all; you also get to enjoy nail polish durability and flawlessness at its peak, taking your manicure game to a new dimension.


Everyone who has their nails polished also wants to make sure that their nails are well protected and guarded against any damage caused by gel usage, and that’s another benefit you stand to enjoy when you use the OPI brand. If you want to try out this amazing product, you can check the nearest salon to you or visit the OPI official website.