The 4 Best Christmas Nail Art with DND Nail Polish

Christmas is just around the corner. The time is now ripe for you to beautify your nails and show off on your social media handles. When you talk about Christmas designs, nail art comes into the picture. You get the free license to experiment and give full vent to your imagination.

Let us discuss a few Christmas nail designs that you can try and strut around proudly displaying your beautiful designs to your loved ones. A word of caution is that you should use quality nail polish products like DND gel polish colors.

Though it is possible to create exquisite designs using dipping powder, gel polish is a better option because it has an inherent glow. It is not possible to experiment with multiple colors when you use dipping powder. Besides, gel polish is available in a maximum range of colors. DND gel color is available in exciting shades that can grab everyone’s attention and make you the cynosure of all eyes.

Top Christmas Nail Art

Christmas and Red gel beautifully

You cannot take out the red color from Christmas. Though the festival is a colorful one, red occupies a dominant place. The prime example is Santa Claus, who wears a red suit. Thus, it is ideal if you paint your nails red to gel perfectly with the Christmas atmosphere.

You can experiment by adding a dash of silver to the red background to create exciting designs. It is a fantastic idea to paint one of your fingernails, preferably the ring fingernail, entirely with silver and distinguish it from the others.

When painting your fingernails, you can apply matching paint to your toenails, as well. The combination makes you stand out from the crowd. You can post a great profile picture by showcasing both your toenail and fingernail manicures.

Black and White look great, as well

The advantage of using black and white DND gel polish duo is that they look beautiful on all kinds of nails. Besides, you can experiment to your heart’s content when you use black and white. These colors compliment each other beautifully.

White looks great on a black background, whereas black is breathtaking on a white canvas. You can paint these combinations alternatively on each of the fingers to add to the glamor quotient.

The procedure starts with applying the base color, initially using thin strokes to cover the nail completely. The next step is to cure the base well. It should be completely dry before you start applying the designs on top. Otherwise, the paint could overlap and cause smudging. Alternatively, you can try out the nail art Christmas sticker designs and stick them on top of the base coat.

Anyway, you need to have the base coat dry.

The Back and White designs look so heavenly that you can exhibit them with great pride and earn everyone’s admiration.

Add a touch of glitter to your nails

We have discussed the simple red and the B/W combo. It is the most common DND nail polish Christmas design that women globally prefer. However, the younger generation has a mind of its own. They love to tread into areas where no one has ever tried before. The multicolor combo with the glittering designs is an excellent example.

The design displayed above allows you to experiment with a riot of colors, including red, blue, maroon, black, and whatever you can think of. DND gel color is available in every possible shade.

However, you should be careful when trying out such designs. The procedure starts with applying the base coat with a fair degree of thickness. The objective is to enable the glittering diamond-shaped pieces to stick to the nail. An alternative would be to apply a special glue to the nail tips and stick each piece carefully.

This procedure can be time-consuming. This design looks like a temporary one because you cannot go on with your daily activities with such a design on your nails. The pieces could fall off and affect the beauty. It is an excellent design to have on Christmas Day and pose for your profile photos.

Ring in the festive Christmas mood

Here is another exquisite Christmas design that you can try out. Such nail art stickers are available in plenty. The trick is to apply the daisy DND gel polish normally and allow it to cure properly under the UV lamp.

The nail art stickers are transparent with a range of designs. You can choose the ones you like. When applied to the nails over the red color, these designs glow beautifully and present an excellent look.

The advantage of using nail art design stickers is that they last long. Besides, you can remove them after the festival and keep the DND Nail Polish as it is.


We have discussed four beautiful Christmas nail designs that you can try out. Keep watching this space for more in the days to come.