Reverse Washing Your Hair Makes It Healthy and Strong

Reverse washing is nothing but conditioning your hair before shampooing it. It has become famous and got a fancy name these days, but it is not a new technique. It is an age-old technique used by many Asian counties, but their conditioners were some specific vegetable oils. If you have dandruff, then this technique is most beneficial to you since your hair remains conditioned, that too, without residue or stickiness.

Reverse Washing

This also helps in hair issues like reducing dandruff and helps best anti-dandruff shampoos to be more productive. And the healthy hair obtained after using the reverse method of washing your hair would be more receptive to other hair growth products.

How Exactly Do You Do It?

You need to apply your conditioner suitable to your hair type and leave it on for a good 30 minutes. If you are using oils, then it can be anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight, actually overnight is more beneficial. Then wash your hair with shampoo, ensuring moisturized hair and no clogged follicles or dry scalp.

Benefits of This Process

You will notice the change in the first wash itself when you touch your hair, it feels soft, and it looks voluminous. The hair strand becomes nourished, and this change is due to them being moisturized appropriately for a proper time as well as cleaning the product that adds weight.

What Does It Help With


You will be delighted to know this works like a charm even for dandruff related issues as it is apparent that we get a cleaner scalp in this method. And anti-dandruff-based shampoos though effective for few washes dandruff does return, making it a consistent issue. Through reverse washing, you can have dandruff free hair for long periods and eventually get rid of it.

Hair Fall

Hair fall reduces significantly, and you notice the growth of new hair as the hair follicles can push through smoothly for the unclogged pores. But this change is slow and can be seen only after few washes, but still, the fewer hair strands on your comb do mean progress.


The best part of this method is the shine it imparts to your hair is noticeable, and you will be receiving compliments and inquiries on your secret. No doubt they will be surprised to learn your secret is so simple, but they may also think you are not revealing your actual secret; it happened for me. Lustre and bounce it adds to make your hair look healthy.

Split Ends

The ends of your hair show the actual health in a glance, and if they are dry, dull, and split then, that would be a thumbs down. Split ends are impossible to deal with and are more visible than dandruff, and snipping them off is a pain but not anymore. The method we are using to wash our hair repairs the hair gently up to the end of the strand and seals the ends in few washes.


Sometimes solutions for some critical issues are hidden in simple methods that are hard to believe. This reverse washing method is also one such method that excels any best hair growth products and is effective than any anti-dandruff shampoos in the market.

You should be doing it to believe it, and you will be left amazed every time you implement it without any doubt. You can be doing this three times a week to achieve the best results. If you want beautiful, shiny, and healthy hair make sure you remember that the next time you prepare to shampoo your hair, condition it first, then shampoo.