Necessary Safety Precautions and Useful Tips for Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is getting tanned artificially by spending time in a hotbed customized for tanning. The sunbed has fluorescent tubes that emit UV rays to tan your skin. Brief exposure to these tubes emitted rays generated heat along with the UV rays and dehydrates you rapidly. There is a lot of difference to the usual sunburnt method and this artificial exposure.

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If you are have ever tanned yourself under the sun, you might already be familiar with the best outdoor tanning accelerator, but did you know even indoor tanning needs lotions? There is a lot more to know about indoor tanning than just lying in the tan bed. You will be well-informed about everything to know about indoor tanning after reading this information.

Guard Your Eyes

As you know, indoor tanning is exposure to UV rays in a controlled environment; you must also know they are still harmful to your eyes. Eyelids are susceptible when compared to the skin as they are fragile layers of skin, and UV rays can penetrate the eye through them. Always wear your eye protection goggles during the process, or you will be at risk of getting cataracts, night blindness, and color blindness like issues.

Tanning Naked

You would like to tan naked to avoid lines, and you can do so. But remember to introduce UV rays gradually to the previously unexposed skin. You must apply the best indoor tanning lotion to keep your skin better protected during the process.

Tanning Lotion

Tanning draws out the moisture from your skin while you get hot in the tanning bed. This moisture loss, if not balanced properly, will cause poor tanning results and dry skin. When you apply lotion, it will compensate for the moisture loss and improve the results by keeping your skin hydrated. Using lotion achieves darker tan than when you don’t. The duration of the tan retainment was also high compared to tanning without lotion.

Tanning lotions contain ingredients that promote tanning and to retain it. Hence, choosing the best indoor tanning lotion will give you a perfect result.


Ask your doctor before you get tanned if your medications will react with your skin during the UV treatment. Certain medicines cause the skin to become sensitive and hence may react adversely to UV light causing rashes.

Can You Use The Outdoor Tanning Lotion?

No, you cannot use the outdoor tanning lotion with indoor tanning. Even if it is the best outdoor tanning accelerator, you cannot use it as the ingredients in these lotions react adversely with the acrylic used in tanning beds.

Useful Tips

Remember and try to act as suggested for achieving the best indoor tanning results.

  • Avoid neck pillow for even tan on neck and body
  • Raising the arms above your head will cause even tanning of your hands
  • Switch positions from back to belly after you are halfway through to ensure tanning all parts of your body evenly

Is This the Safest Tanning Method?

The debate and research are still an ongoing topic about the indoor method being safer than the outdoor, but another tanning method emerged in between. The self-tanning method that does not involve and exposure to UV rays. This method involves the spraying of tanning lotion on your entire body and lets the tan color develop over a few hours. However, the spray tan method gives tan that lasts only for a few days when compared to the other methods.

Spray tanned method is also an expensive method and involves a lot of time. It also requires pre-preparation and aftercare.

Now that you have complete knowledge about indoor tanning, I hope you will safely go through this process the next time you do it.