Necessary Safety Precautions and Useful Tips for Indoor Tanning

Indoor tanning is getting tanned artificially by spending time in a hotbed customized for tanning. The sunbed has fluorescent tubes that emit UV rays to tan your skin. Brief exposure to these tubes emitted rays generated heat along with the UV rays and dehydrates you rapidly. There is a lot of difference to the usual sunburnt method and this artificial exposure.

best outdoor tanning accelerator

If you are have ever tanned yourself under the sun, you might already be familiar with the best outdoor tanning accelerator, but did you know even indoor tanning needs lotions? There is a lot more to know about indoor tanning than just lying in the tan bed. You will be well-informed about everything to know about indoor tanning after reading this information.

Guard Your Eyes

As you know, indoor tanning is exposure to UV rays in a controlled environment; you must also know they are still harmful to your eyes. Eyelids are susceptible when compared to the skin as they are fragile layers of skin, and UV rays can penetrate the eye through them. Always wear your eye protection goggles during the process, or you will be at risk of getting cataracts, night blindness, and color blindness like issues.

Tanning Naked

You would like to tan naked to avoid lines, and you can do so. But remember to introduce UV rays gradually to the previously unexposed skin. You must apply the best indoor tanning lotion to keep your skin better protected during the process.


Reverse Washing Your Hair Makes It Healthy and Strong

Reverse washing is nothing but conditioning your hair before shampooing it. It has become famous and got a fancy name these days, but it is not a new technique. It is an age-old technique used by many Asian counties, but their conditioners were some specific vegetable oils. If you have dandruff, then this technique is most beneficial to you since your hair remains conditioned, that too, without residue or stickiness.

Reverse Washing

This also helps in hair issues like reducing dandruff and helps best anti-dandruff shampoos to be more productive. And the healthy hair obtained after using the reverse method of washing your hair would be more receptive to other hair growth products.

How Exactly Do You Do It?

You need to apply your conditioner suitable to your hair type and leave it on for a good 30 minutes. If you are using oils, then it can be anywhere between 30 minutes to overnight, actually overnight is more beneficial. Then wash your hair with shampoo, ensuring moisturized hair and no clogged follicles or dry scalp.

Benefits of This Process

You will notice the change in the first wash itself when you touch your hair, it feels soft, and it looks voluminous. The hair strand becomes nourished, and this change is due to them being moisturized appropriately for a proper time as well as cleaning the product that adds weight.

What Does It Help With


You will be delighted to know this works like a charm even for dandruff related issues as it is apparent that we get a cleaner scalp in this method. And anti-dandruff-based shampoos though effective for few washes dandruff does return, making it a consistent issue. Through reverse washing, you can have dandruff free hair for long periods and eventually get rid of it.